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CBOS Drives Business Forward

CBOS is cloud ERP software that provides real-time views of business operations, improving productivity, customer service and the bottom line. This robust, modern ERP system, helps small to mid-size businesses make better decisions in real time using integrated business data. The modular approach allows you to start with what you need now and add on as your business needs grow. CBOS connects to your existing business management solutions for fast and seamless integration and includes inventory management, financial management, customer management, order management and HR management.

CBOS quickly improves productivity by connecting employees across different departments with a central cloud-based system. Now everyone is on the same page in real-time from the front office, to the warehouse, to the field.

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What CBOS Provides

Cloud Inventory Management

Working with your existing workflows and business processes, CBOS automates asset tracking, warehouse, distribution and manufacturing operations in a live central database. Improve customer service through real-time inventory views from any department and complete oversight of inventory located in multiple warehouses, rolling stock, lots, bin locations and reorder levels available from any device. Always know what's in stock and what's available for sale in real time.

Inventory Management

Cloud Financial Management

The Accounting & Financials ERP module ties together General Ledger (GL), Accounts Receivable (AR), Accounts Payable (AP) and Billing functions, and connects to every other module in the unified cloud platform. Data flows seamlessly through the organization to ensure timely and accurate financial reporting and analytics. Get connected with CBOS and you'll get advanced billing capabilities, cost tracking and expense management in real-time.

Financial Management

Cloud Order Management

The CBOS eCommerce ERP solution is the single best way to unite the sales, fulfillment, and finance processes of every order. A complete omni-channel order management system that improves customer service through accuracy and speed by connecting all sales channels including online, in-store, mobile or by phone. CBOS reduces complications with ordering, fulfillment, invoicing, and the number of back orders and other issues that damage your bottom line.

Order Management

All-in-One Cloud-Based ERP System

CentralBOS is the only cloud enterprise software on the market with the most modules available for your business management needs. You may only need inventory management combined with accounting today, but it's easy to add on human resources, payroll, ecommerce and other modules as your business grows. CBOS ERP solutions are designed to help small to mid-size businesses make better decisions by giving a clear view of all operations in real time providing superior customer service. Making data-driven decisions is only possible when your back office is completely integrated enabling a seamless workflow through the organization.

Secure Access Anytime, Anywhere

Take comfort in the security and reliability of your data. The integrated platform eliminates the need for redundant data entry and the risk of data corruption. Single data entries from each department flow into a central repository, meaning fewer files to reconcile and manage, and more efficiency.

CBOS cloud-based ERP software is purpose-designed for the cloud and built to support peak workflow and visibility. Tailor CRM, ordering, inventory, accounting, and HR modules to equip your teams to work across the organization. Oversee all operations and data from a secure central dashboard accessible on any device.

What Our Clients Say

“With CentralBOS, we finally had a program in a price point we could afford as a small growing business and that offered the functionality we needed. Centralbos has given us all of the features we needed and more.”

“Centralbos’ client services manager did a great job training us and being available. He was very proactive and prompt with remedies for any glitches or special needs that we encountered.”

“Ease and Simplicity of the program is what we like best about the CBOS program. We received great training at the start of our time with this ERP system. It has been easy to use and update on a daily basis.”

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