A Unified Team Building Unified Solutions

About CentralBOS

CentralBOS is an integrated, cloud ERP system designed specifically for the business needs of small to mid-size businesses. This is the modern alternative to the ‘duct tape’ approach to managing business functions with an assortment of independent solutions. Our CBOS platform is an all-in-one software and services solution. Fully integrated technology and services resources are purpose-designed to simplify and optimize operations, helping to eliminate the costs, risks, and inefficiencies that come from the traditional piecemeal approach.

Our team of passionate innovators is dedicated to being the premier B2B provider of business software and services. Collectively and as individuals, we act as a trusted partner, exceeding expectations with comprehensive, cost-effective solutions and reliable support. We work consistently to deepen our expertise in integrated technologies and approaches that simplify and improve life for our clients. And we nurture relationships with world-class partners that augment our in-house services. Like the solutions we produce, we deliver unparalleled excellence through the combined value of all of these commitments.

We are our core values

Collaborate and respect each other

Succeed through continuous improvement, learning,  results

Be results driven, without compromising integrity

Own our actions and commitments

Manage Your Business Anytime, Anywhere