For ERP Vendors and ERP Consultants

Become a CBOS ERP Solution Provider

CentralBOS Partners are a critical part of the teamwork to successfully provide the CBOS all-in-one modern ERP solution to small and mid-size businesses. As a partner you’ll be able to offer today’s leading cloud-based ERP solution and grow your business faster. You’ll enjoy quick implementations, generous margins, and much more satisfied clients.

Our Partner teams include: Value Add Resellers (VARs) to assist in the evaluation, implementation, training, and ongoing support of CentralBOS (CBOS) ERP; Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) that build integration solutions or shared data extensions to CBOS base functionality; And other tailored and integrated partnership offerings based on a partner’s particular strategy.

Certified Business Consultant

CentralBOS is dedicated to make its Partner community successful for Service Providers and VARs. Our staff supports the Sales, Implementation training and certification while supporting the needs of our partners, so that they become highly competent and successful solution providers within the CBOS community.

If you desire to add a best-in-class ERP solution to your offering portfolio and are focused on the SMB market – CBOS has the perfect solution for your organization. The combination of strong applications with configurable work-flow processes allow your organization to provide a tailored solution for your clients. The CBOS Framework platform provides a menu-driven solution for the integration of other product offerings you may want to integrate.

CBOS offers an aggressive Partner shared-revenue compensation program, and tremendous partner training and support to help you maximize your revenue, implementation offerings and support.

ISV Application Partner

Create a unique solution integrating CentralBOS with your ISV solution As an ISV – you can partner with CBOS to create a unique solution that highlights the best of both our offerings. Join the team and promote your ISV application as a CentralBOS Technology Partner.

With CBOS you get a great platform and integration tools that allow your solution to easily and seamlessly share data, which will expand your markets and offerings. With our best-in-class Cloud ERP, CBOS supports our ISVs to deliver industry-specific solutions and specialized extensions to our customers through the reseller channel.

Learn about the resources CentralBOS has available to ISVs and how you we can partner to create a very competitive solution and build your company and success.

CBOS PaaS Partner

We invite you to develop a strategic partnership, built around the proven technology of CBOS as your partner If you are a larger ISV or Enterprise account and see a strategic advantage to embedding the CBOS solution into your offering or enterprise, then our OEM program is what you should consider.
CBOS is an all-in-one robust ERP system that is a quick way to address legacy solutions and take advantage of our Cloud-based, SaaS platform. With tailorable work flow engine, integrated applications and secure, configurable User access, you have everything you need to exploit a portion or the entire CBOS solution. We can structure a partnership that fits your business model and allows you to quickly leverage technology either internally or for your clients.

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