Real-Time, Cloud-Based Inventory Management Software

Cloud Inventory Management

Automate your asset tracking, warehouse, and manufacturing operations in a live central database that works with your existing workflows and processes.


Manage Inventory in the Cloud

If your business handles inventory, staying on top of the flow in and out of your warehouses may be one of the most tedious, challenging, and important tasks on the to-do list. This is particularly true if team members are managing multiple warehouses in various locations.

An all-in-one ERP solution that improves productivity by connecting employees across different departments with a central cloud-based system. Now everyone is on the same page in real-time from the front office to the warehouse.

Bringing Real-Time Inventory Management to your Dashboard

Managing inventory can be one of the most difficult processes for any business. The CBOS ERP for inventory management system is a vital part of our business management software. It allows warehouse and inventory managers, sales, and finance teams to operate with the same data. That means everyone is on the same page – and that means more accurate and faster order fulfillment, fewer back orders, less inventory turnover, and higher accuracy rates in shipping and receiving processes. CBOS provides complete control over your inventory along with real-time views from any department.

CBOS Inventory Management Features

The CBOS ERP for inventory management module fully integrates with other departments and functions as needed. CBOS business management software is an incredibly robust solution that will handle multiple warehouse locations, and provide complete oversight of all inventory located in multiple warehouses, including rolling stock – from any Internet or data-enabled mobile device.

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