Cloud ERP Solutions for Payroll to General Ledger Process

CBOS Streamlines Payroll Processing

By processing payroll within the CBOS platform, your business can tighten up the entire process and ensure the completeness and accuracy of your general ledger.


Solutions for the Payroll to General Ledger Process

Whenever you process payroll, an entry has to be made in your accounting system. Within that journal entry, all debit entries and corresponding credit entries have to balance. Only when a payroll journal entry is complete and verified, can you post it to the company general ledger. Manual payroll data entry can create redundancies and errors that make the journal entry process time-consuming and potentially risky.

The CentralBOS payroll to general ledger process ensures that every payroll category including earnings, salary and wage expenses, deductions, and taxes is tied automatically to your chart of accounts. As you close out payroll for each period, the system generates a draft of the complete journal entry for the general ledger. And your business benefits from full continuity of payroll data over time.

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