Cloud ERP Solutions for Sales Management

Cloud ERP for Sales Management

With CBOS sales managers can establish objectives, build forecasts, implement sales and marketing programs, develop representatives, and meet quotas.


ERP Solutions for Sales

Sales managers have a lot to accomplish to keep thier business on the path to profitability. These are organized, mobile professionals whose success relies on accurate, efficient collaboration with customer management, inventory, accounting, and HR functions. The CBOS solution works from end-to-end across the whole sales pipeline. From the moment a quote is submitted to after a commission is paid, every process is managed and every piece of data is recorded. Managers gain visibility into timelines, inventory, rep activities, and up to date sales reports. And from a single point of entry, information populates each next step in the sales process and infuses the system with the data they need to plan, measure, and close.

CBOS ERP features for Sales Management

CBOS helps the entire sales organization achieve thier goals faster with complete visibility for the sales manager. These real-time views of what’s really happening in the sales department help management make better decisions, faster.

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