Cloud ERP Solutions for Light Manufacturing

Cloud ERP for Light Manufacturing

Get rid of the homemade solutions and multiple spread sheets – CBOS offers an easy to use, robust light manufacturing software with all the features and functions of a large ERP system built for large manufacturing processes.


ERP Solutions for Light Manufacturing

Manufacturing ERP software from CBOS allows you to seamlessly track your business — from raw materials to financials and everything in between.

With so many demands on your time, an ERP system creates cost savings and efficiency. No more pulling data from separate departments. All data runs through a central system, giving you a real-time dashboard that can drive quicker and better decisions. A fully customizable SaaS solution, CBOS integrates manufacturing, inventory and accounting to streamline your business processes, increase productivity and accurately calculate costs.

CBOS ERP features for Light Manufacturing

With CBOS you can manage your inventory levels, plan production and collaborate with other team members all through an easy to use dashboard.


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