Cloud ERP Solutions for Wholesale Distribution

Cloud ERP for Wholesale Distribution Management

Make better, more accurate business decisions by having instant insight into financials, sales, shipping, inventory and warehouse operations. Today’s robust SaaS solution for wholesale distribution management priced for the SMB market.


ERP Solutions for Wholesale Distribution Management

For wholesale distributors, streamlined workflows across multiple departments is a must. Being able to customize your workflows unique to your business creates effiencies that improve customer service and the bottom line. CBOS cloud ERP is integrated into your existing business operations providing real-time views for end-to-end supply chain management, from customer acqusition to invoicing, to returns.

Always provide a unified front to your customers with the ability to respond quickly by having up-to-date insights across every department in the organization. Unique dashboards for every department provide complete transparency of purchasing, inventory, warehousing, field service, sales, shipping and customer service.

CBOS ERP features for Wholesale Distribution

For wholesale distributors, the benefits of CBOS’s all-in-one ERP solution also include driving down holding costs, demand planning and forcasting. Take a free tour and find out if we’re the perfect fit for your organization.

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